Marc Duncan Felix, born 1946, is a life long resident of Greenwich Village in New York City. Marc loves sharing his knowledge and interest in history and local lore, adds his rich personal experiences, and provides new perspectives; thus bringing the history alive.

Marc is licensed as a New York City Sight-seeing Guide by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.

The tour I offer is From Native Americans to the Hippies and Beyond – A Greenwich Village History tour led by a native Villager. A small group will be escorted through the Greenwich Village Streets of early 19th Century Town Houses.

The walk takes approximately two hours. Meet up at the south west corner of 8th Avenue and 14th Street or at a prearranged location convenient to clients.

Stories of past residents, local history,¬†Native American history,¬†architecture and personal anecdotes enliven this tour of Greenwich Village, New York. We will walk through four hundred years of the people, cultures, and arts of Greenwich Village, New York City. From the “castle” of great Native American Sachems, the scandals of the founding fathers of the republic to the hangouts of artists, writers and gangsters of Greenwich Village.